Sep 2022 Second Social Security Payment Dates For Check

By Sahil Luthra

Social Security payments are going to be a little larger this year — a total of 5.9% more, thanks to the largest cost-of-living adjustment increase

Surging inflation and unrelenting supply chain pressures have forced the Social Security Administration’s hand in increasing benefits for seniors by an average of around $100 a month.

– If your birth date is on the 1st-10th: Second Wednesday of each month – If your birth date is on the 11th-20th: Third Wednesday of each month – If your birth date is on 21st-31st: Fourth Wednesday of each month

If you receive SSI benefits, don't have a U.S. mailing address, or otherwise aren't able to make this change online, you can contact your bank or call the Social Security Administration

Social Security payments generally arrive on time. However, if your payment is delayed for some reason, contact your bank or financial institution. Once three days have passed without payment

The good news is that, in many cases, having an experienced disability attorney at your side can help expedite the process. An attorney can also go to bat for you if your application is denied.

If you've already been approved, read on to learn more about benefits schedules. If you need to learn more about applying for benefits or appealing a denial,

The Social Security Administration has published a schedule of 2022 payments, making it easy to find out when you can expect your SSD benefit checks.

Increasing the likelihood of first-round approval. An attorney can help you complete your application in a way that clearly demonstrates your disability,

Helping you get approval after an application is denied. If your original application is denied, an attorney may be able to help you pursue a favorable on the record (OTR) decision by gathering additional medical information requested by the Social Security Administration

Representing you at an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing. If the SSA denies your OTR decision, your case will be sent before an ALJ for a hearing. An attorney can prepare you for questions you'll be asked during the hearing and choose the right witnesse

Social Security Payment Dates

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