Top 10 Best Places to visit in Europe for Honeymoon

By:- Sahil Luthra


One can almost be forgiven for considering Iceland as a fictional land where the impossible turns out to be true every time. In recent times, adventure lovers from all over India.


Travelers looking to catch some sun and surf in Europe on their Places to visit in Europe for honeymoon might consider a vacation to Madeira. Located about 500 km west of Portugal, this tiny island is a tropical delight that follows its own weather.

St. Petersburg

The general perception of Russia as a tourist destination in India is very bleak. However, cities like St. Petersburg are one of the places to visit in Europe for honeymoon to experience its rich culture and heritage.


Having such a diverse confluence of religions, beliefs and cuisines, Sicily has developed a niche for itself among travelers from all over the world. Places to visit in Europe for honeymoon gives you the advantage of seeing such beautiful places.


Let the scent of mulled wine fill the air as you breathe in the Christmas cheer at one of the hundreds of Christmas markets in Germany. Along with holiday markets, twinkling lights lift the mood of the city to signal the start of the festive season.


At first, Cyprus is associated with a tropical beach destination. While there is actually much more to explore for travelers than just a few beachfront resorts and luxury hotels on the beach.

Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most romantic European cities in winter. Despite the freezing temperatures, everything about Prague gives it the feel of a winter wonderland straight out of a classic romantic novel.


One of the famous and unique things to do in Amsterdam is definitely a visit to Icebar where you get a jacket as soon as you enter and you have 3 complimentary drinks included. Kudos to one of the best winter city in Europe!

Grenada Tourism

Granada in South Spain is known for offering an exciting winter vacation. If you want to see the picturesque beauty of Europe then Granada is a place that will surely delight you. However, Granada is cold in winter.


Being one of the most famous cities in Italy, it certainly will not disappoint you with a great nightlife experience to offer the same kind. Try some of the delicious dishes in this city, including the famous Tagliatelle and Parmesan Cheese