Which State Is Better for Living: Colorado or California?

By:- Sahil Luthra

Quality of Life

Ultimately, this race is too close to call. While California has better health care and a better climate, it also has a much higher living cost. Colorado, though, has less pollution and less traffic.

Cost of Living

Much of this cost savings is due to the more affordable housing, which is about 34% cheaper than California. Further, food will be about 7% cheaper, utilities 6.4% more inexpensive, and transportation about 3.4% more affordable. In California, residents will experience better healthcare that is cheaper than Colorado by about 3.9%

Housing Costs

One of the biggest differentiators between these two cities is the massive difference in housing prices. California is much more expensive to buy a home, but surprisingly, cheaper to rent an apartment when compared to Colorado.

Job Market

The major industries in Colorado include agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and tourism. Manufacturing makes up 5.8% of all jobs in the state. California’s industries include healthcare, construction, technology, hospitality, and agriculture.


There is a great cultural mix in Colorado, and residents will find a fun fusion of cultures that influence art and cuisine in the area. Colorado has a strong Native American heritage which is evident in art and environmental practices in the state.


California has so much to offer for residents, and like Colorado, much of the activity is based outdoors. Enjoy visiting one of several National Parks, including Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, or Joshua Tree National Park.


There is a commuter light rail system and bus system managed by RTD. A train to plane connection brings residents from the Denver Airport to the city and outlying residential areas. Often, mass transit is much faster than driving in a personal vehicle.


In Colorado, 86% of the population is White, 4% is Black, 3.5% is Asian, and .6% is Native American. In California, about 59% of the population is White, 14% Asian, 5.8% Black, and .8% Native American.


Public and private schools in Colorado are in the upper-ranked schools throughout the country. Overall, public schools are ranked 17th in the nation. California schools are ranked only 37th in the nation. Despite the struggling public school system


Colorado is home to some diverse weather patterns. In the summer, residents will be able to enjoy a cool, 70 degrees F day, with temperatures rarely reaching 80 degrees F. The weather doesn’t get much better than in the state of California. The summers are cool and breezy, and they routinely stay in the mid-70s. Winters are equally warm,

Crime Rates

Colorado experiences just 381 violent crimes per every 100,000 people California has much higher crime rates. Violent crimes account for 551 cases for every 100,000 people

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